SolrClient.ZK module

Solr ZK api interface.

class SolrClient.ZK(solr, log)

Will attempt to telnet to each zookeeper that is used by SolrClient and issue ‘mntr’ command. Response is parsed to check to see if the zookeeper node is a leader or a follower and returned as a dict.

If the telnet collection fails or the proper response is not parsed, the zk node will be listed as ‘down’ in the dict. Desired values are either follower or leader.

copy_config(original, new)

Copies collection configs into a new folder. Can be used to create new collections based on existing configs.

Basically, copies all nodes under /configs/original to /configs/new.

  • str (new) – ZK name of original config
  • str – New name of the ZK config.
download_collection_configs(collection, fs_path)

Downloads ZK Directory to the FileSystem.

  • str (fs_path) – Name of the collection (zk config name)
  • str – Destination filesystem path.

Returns a specified zookeeper node.

upload_collection_configs(collection, fs_path)

Uploads collection configurations from a specified directory to zookeeper.